Goodbye Aunt Hallie


Goodbye my dear aunt,


It seems I never had the chance, 


To visit enough these years,


When you smiled or lost tears.


I should have found time,


To leave these rooms of mine,


To show my brain is not bare,


To say I knew and cared,


That my father was your brother,


And there is no other 


Like family, cousins and aunts,


To keep in touch and dance,


Through life, if by chance.


For blood is the vine of the limb,


That brings us together and then,


Through the years keeping close,


Dropping in to say hello.


I know life was not easy for you,


Hardships and sorrows you knew,


But you weathered it with the Lord,


And with Him, you were restored.


I remember your love and wit,


You were feisty and funny, and I fit-


Sometimes within your mold,


I was like you I have been told.


Yesterday was the last goodbye,


As you slept, we all cried,


And I hope that you'll  forgive..


That I missed your bountiful gifts,


Of the clock that can't turn back,


Of time that runs on track.


Of memories lost, not made,


Of sunshine midst the shade,


Of warmth within the fold,


From youth to growing old.


And as you stand on the balcony above, 


Looking down, I am knowing your love.



(c) October 14  2010 Carol Rader

Overall Rating

Comment By mussygal on 18-02-2012
Thank you each for your comments. My aunts all were special ladies, and this one was the last to remain. Warm wishes, Carol
Comment By sfharper on 18-02-2012
Beautiful tribute, I like how the poem adds depth to your feelings all along :) Sheri
Comment By edwardputman on 18-02-2012
Pretty. I like the addressing of your Aunt that way. It is a poem letter. Ed
Comment By maninblack1979 on 18-02-2012
Beautifully written, a very fine way to express your feelings. Well done.
Comment By indiglow on 18-02-2012
This is truly fine, Carol! I especially like the last part - from "the clock that can't turn back" - evocative of a woman I never knew, but perhaps glimpse in you. Hugs, Jana
Comment By rhumour on 18-02-2012
A very warm tribute to your aunt Carol, may she come to know it in her new residence. Hugs, Dave
Comment By larisa on 18-02-2012
Oh, my dear Carol! This poem is so beautiful! You know, even if we are from different countries, even if we haven't seen each other...but....I understand you so much. I cried reading this poem, and...I do not pretend. It is such a big sorrow to lose those who were so dear.



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